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This is a very specialised field and anyone that contemplates to DIY a self-managed superannuation fund should re-think very very quickly.

A Superannuation Deed is a very powerful document and should be written only highly specialised professionals.

The legislation is complex and the ramifications of a poorly written deed could be worse than writing a bad will.

A well-written deed is more powerful than a will because if cannot be contested! Whatever your wishes are with regards to your superannuation would have to be carried out exactly in that way.

At AAABA we discuss your needs and circumstances with you and in conjunction with our financial advisors and only then we do we order your deed. The professionals writing the deed will be picked based on your individual circumstances.

Matters for consideration and discussion:

• Superannuation Fund Deed
• Superannuation Corporate Trustee
• Membership of Fund
• Directorship of Trustee
• Other office bearers of Trustee
• Stategy plan
• Sole purpose
• Taxation
• Audit
• Other compliance matters
• Borrowing through SMSF
• Custodian Trust with Corporate Trustee
• Directorships
• Other office bearers
• Sole purpose
• Taxation
• Audit

*We will work closely with your Bankers, Legal Advisors and Real Estate agents to achieve correct results. This is a delicate area prone to errors, by unexperienced professionals and the public.

Part of our SMSF Service also involves working with Business Associates in conjunction with investments in NRAS* properties that are usually positively geared.

We strongly recommend to consulting our SMSF Team prior to embarking on any investment strategy through the fund.

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