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Do you want a worry free mind so that you can concentrate better on managing your business?

Let AAABA take care of your Business Finance and Taxation matters, freeing up your time to do what you do best!

At the AAA Group we can look after all your reporting obligations.

These could be for:

• Auditing/Due Diligence
• Business Acquisition
• Business Management & Control
• Bank Loans/Refinancing
• Cash management/Cashflows –past & present
• Budgets
• Cash control
• Taxation
• Stock control
• Debtors (accounts receivable) control
• Creditors (accounts payable) control
• Sale of business
• Divorce
• Deceased estate




New Clients

The value of a consultation.. 

When some people start a new business or look for a new accountant or any other professional, they try to obtain as many free services as possible.

They ring up one professional after another asking for this elusive free consultation…

They also expect an abundance of information to come along with it.. to this we comment:


Would you be willing to offer your goods and services to a whole lot of people for no fee and no certainty of business? 


If your answer is yes, we respectfully recommend that you remain an employee.
This is not how a small business operates. As professionals we invest a lot of time, effort and our own money to learn about how we can help our clients. We update this knowledge continually.

This is our commodity and we do not disburse it for free.

At AAA Business Accountants Pty Ltd we will be happy to have a “get to know you” meeting for up to 20 minutes. During which time you and we are going to find out, if we could work together. 

The decision will be made both by you and us.

Should your circumstances be complex, the person with whom you meet will take your details and advise you within 24 hours whether we could accommodate you or not.
During this time our team will discuss your circumstances and see if we could provide you with satisfactory services.

We will not take on a case that we do not feel comfortable with. 

Once we have decided that we could work together, we will provide you with an engagement letter stating what role we would fulfil, what you could expect of us and what we would expect from you.
You will also be given some idea of fees.

In some cases we will ask for fees in advance and that would be where we either have to outlay money on your behalf or if your case is very involved and has a higher risk level.
The engagement letter is signed by both you and our Director and we give you a copy for your records.

Examples of cases when advance payment is required are: 

Structuring your business, this may involve the setting up of company [or companies] or trust[s];


Situations may arise, where you have trouble with the Australian taxation Office or other Government agencies.
This requires specialist work and could therefore be costlier than standard work.
In order that you benefit the most from your meeting with us we suggest that you do the following:

  • Be at the meeting on time
  • Come prepared with a list of your questions
  • Put enough money in the parking meter for an hour
  • Switch off your mobile telephone while in the meeting

Our fee for one hour consultation is $220.00 [GST inclusive] and is fully tax deductible.


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