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While property investing is one of Australia’s favourite past times, it doesn’t mean it’s always an easy ride. There are ups and down and certainly rewards to reap, but you do have to put in some ground work and planning to become a successful investor.

While this can seem overwhelming at times – especially for first time investors – the good news is that you don&rsq


Data collected by BMT Tax Depreciation, Australia’s leading tax depreciation specialist, indicates that in the 2016-2017 financial year there was a 22 per cent growth in the number of schedules requested for granny flats nationwide.

Of the states Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales saw the highest growth in the number of depreciation schedules requested for this type of proper


Those considering purchasing an investment property will often ask whether a commercial or a residential property will provide them with more deductions in the form of depreciation.

There are many important factors an investor needs to be aware of when making their choice between these two investment options.

Typesof depreciation, how the rules change

Depreciation deductions apply to investment p


Discover how your tax situation is transformed

A recent analysis of schedules prepared by BMT Tax Depreciation highlighted that 22 per cent of schedules were for primary places of residence (homes) which the owners turned into rental properties.

This demonstrates a popular trend occurring in the residential market, in which a significant number of home owners are recognising the additional value


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The benefit:

  • It is cheaper.

 The Problems/Risks:

  • Quality
  • Timing
  • Privacy

 We do not compromise on any of these to increase our bottom line or "save" you compliance costs.

 What is perceived as quality in a 3rd world country is a far cry from what is perceived as quality in Australia;

 Geographic time differences cause disruptions in communications;

 Your data is in


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